BRC – Food Safety


BRC Certification

In a highly demanding market like the food industry, it is necessary to ensure that flexible containers that will hold food have been manufactured and produced under rigorous safety and hygiene conditions, and that the resulting packaging is free from any contamination.

Although CLIMESA has always manufactured under strict food safety conditions, it has also been certified under the standards of the British Retail Consortium. CLIMESA has had the A Level BRC certification for packaging and packaging materials since 2017.

CLIMESA’s manufacturing conditions therefore comply with one of the most renowned and rigorous standards for the packaging sector

Manufacturing conditions

CLIMESA has increased its food safety levels thanks to the implementation of a set of measures aimed at product safety.

The new CLIMESA facilities in Sallent are one of the cleanest and most hygienic flexible container factories in the world. The establishment of multiple controls over the course of all processes and manufacturing stages prevent the appearance of physical contaminants known as foreign bodies. Meanwhile, other biological and chemical contaminants that are sometimes inherent to raw materials are also controlled . CLIMESA’s flexible containers have passed migration tests based on applicable law in force.

Moreover, the food safety policy and the training provided create good individual and collective awareness of hygiene and manufacturing best practices among personnel. CLIMESA provides its team with all possible resources to facilitate these conditions