R & D


At CLIMESA  we are always innovating and introducing new solutions to the market that set us apart in our sector with our high-added-value Flexible Containers.

Our most recent advancements are focused on optimizing and perfecting the preservation techniques for products in Flexible Containers designed to work in modified atmospheres. For instance, the resounding success of our VACSAC® System, mainly in the food market, has provided us with valuable feedback that translates into continuous and beneficial improvements.

In addition to continuous research into new materials for our VACSAC® packaging, we also analyze, develop and propose new techniques and equipment for the operations required for this type of packaging, in order to make it more optimal, productive, effective and guaranteed.

Currently CLIMESA is also perfecting new printing techniques to vastly improve quality in terms of image definition and color integrity for all kinds of logos, legends and graphics. With these new techniques, the walls of flexible containers become real advertising spaces that highlight the image, message and corporate logo of our customers.