Metallic structures for storing flexible containers and pallets.

MEC 2.0

  • Efficient transport.
  • Saves space in return transport or when not in use (from 1:6 to 1:8).
  • Effective storage.
  • Safe Stacking of Flexible Containers.
  • Base prepared for easy unloading.
  • Slide gate valve to measure and cut product flow.
  • Clean, hygienic and easy to clean (no nooks and crannies).

ACCESSORIES: Option to add wheels to the base of the structure.


Assembly of the MEC 2.0 structure

Always arrange the MEC 2.0 parts on a clean, flat and solid surface.

The slide gate valve is built into the MEC 2.0 base.

Place the 4 galvanized steel tubes (Ø 60 mm) into the 4 holes in the base.

Ensure that the tubes are placed with the hooks or clasps facing outward.

Installation of the Flexible Container in the MEC2

Unfold the Flexible Container and place it in the MEC 2.0.

Connect the 4 handles of the Flexible Container to the hooks on the plastic tube headers.

Ensure that the handles are secured and placed above the plastic headers.


Always use a very solid frame or support to unload the Flexible Container in the MEC 2.0 with the slide gate valve.

Health and Safety regulations do not permit emptying or being below a Flexible Container while it is still on a forklift.

Return, transport and storage of empty MEC2 structures

MEC2 structures that are not in use occupy very little space during return, transport and storage.

The volume reduction ranges from 1:6 to 1:8 depending on the length of the steel tubes and/or the height of the Flexible Containers.